The Delightful Rob Gronkowski Signs a Bra During Patriots Parade (Video)

Rob Gronkowski

We know that Rob Gronkowski is a pretty special breed of person. It’s been well-documented that the guy is pretty much the ultimate bro, but none of his partying or idiocy seems to get in the way of his performance on the field. And he seems like a pretty good dude, all things considered. For instance, if you throw him a bra, he’ll sign it and give it back to you. Even if it’s during a parade and he’s on a duck boat wearing a funny hat.

I know this because we have a video of Rob Gronkowski doing just that last week. It’s about as Gronk as Gronk gets, so let’s all enjoy the moment, and be happy that we have this national treasure.

The video, please:

Yup. That’s our Gronk, all right.

It’s hard to get upset at someone who’s so innocuous and seems to be loving his life SO much. On the other hand, you’ve got J.J. Watt, who’s contemplating buying a cabin in the woods to bench press for nine months or something. It’s decidedly more creepy than the guy who splits his pants open at clubs, owns a party bus, and dates porn stars.


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