Fan in Vince Wilfork Jersey Doesn’t Recognize Vince Wilfork (Video)

Fan in Vince Wilfork Jersey

Here’s a rule that all sports fans should follow when deciding which athlete’s jersey to purchase and wear: If you can’t recognize the player after he walks right up to you on the street, you probably shouldn’t be wearing their jersey.

Disobeying such a rule can result in quite the humiliating experience, as this Patriots fan in a Vince Wilfork jersey found out during a trip to the Bahamas.

How hard is it to recognize a 6’2″, 325-pound monster with a face like Wilfork’s?  For this dude in a Vince Wilfork jersey, the answer was “very hard.”

Check it out (via the Instagram account of Wilfork’s wife):

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