TV Station Uses Boston Athletes to Measure Snowfall (Pic)

Boston athletes

“Get out there kids. You’re going to school today. There isn’t even an Edelman of snow out there, so GET DRESSED.”

A Boston TV station, WCVB-TV, took to using Boston athletes to let us know how much snow was hitting the northeastern city. As this article tells us, yesterday, we were up to a David Ortiz of snow. That’s a fair amount of snow, Papi.

There are some pretty prominent Boston athletes on the list. And then Kelly Olynyk.

Here’s the Tweet:

Kinda makes you wish that Wes Welker was still around to let everyone know that it was just a light dusting and nothing to worry about. Eh, they might be able to get Nate Robinson to handle that. The Celts need a guard since Rondo left. When God shuts a door, he opens a window. Nate Robinson might be that window.

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