Jeremy Lamb and the Thunder Get Serious About Their Handshakes (Video)

jeremy lamb


The Thunder might be right on the bubble for a playoff spot in the hotly-contested Western Conference, but they are creeping their way up to the top spot for crazy handshakes. Watch as Jeremy Lamb and a bunch of other over-caffeinated players spin, jump, twerk, crunk, and jive their way to giving each other a friendly salutation.

I’m assuming they did this knowing that the camera was on in the foreground, but I’m hoping that this is something they do regularly, and the camera just happened to catch it. Either way, I’m pretty excited about it, and insist on more in the future.

Here’s the video. Try to keep up with these handshakes:

Magnificent. There should be another all-star contest for best celebrations. And I wouldn’t be against these dudes. Jeremy Lamb would obviously be the MVP of that squad.

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