This Professional (?) Slap Fight Ends in the Most Awesome Way (Video)

slap fight

Forget everything you know about organized slap fighting. Seriously. Take your years of study and fandom, and set them aside. To watch this clip, you’re really gonna need to come at this slap fight with an open mind.

Two gentleman were participating in slap fighting (which appears to be best done after huffing a big can¬†of spray paint behind a 7-11), when the near gentleman’s rebuttal caused the instigator to get knocked out. I guess that’s what happens when you get hit in the damn head.

Here’s the video. Come for the pain, stay for the beards:

I know it’s hard to imagine something going wrong during an activity¬†called “slap fighting,” but here we are.

The guy falls down like he just got punched in the face. I hope they don’t use this incident to water down pure, traditional slap fighting with foam gloves or cheek guards. You can’t take away the essence of this sport.

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