Here’s the Unused Championship Logos of the Last 20 Super Bowl Losers (Pics)

As you may have noticed, every Super Bowl champion has a special championship logo created in their honor so that they can plaster it on a bunch of memorabilia and sell it to their fans.

Here’s a look at the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl XLIX championship logo that is currently being sold on

New England Patriots Super Bowl XLIX Champs Logo

What you may not have know is that for every Super Bowl championship logo being used by the winning team, there’s a Super Bowl championship logo that is not being used because it was created for the losing team.  This happens every year.  You can usually find these unused logos on the t-shirts and other Super Bowl memorabilia that the league ships to developing countries because they have no use for it here (because no one in North America wants to buy a Super Bowl Champions t-shirt that commemorates the losing team).

The Seattle Seahawks are the latest NFL team to have no use for their Super Bowl championship logo after their loss to the Patriots less than two weeks ago.  You can see their Super Bowl championship logo, along with the Super Bowl championship logos of the 19 Super Bowl losers before them, in the image below:

Super Bowl losers logos

Hat Tip – [Reddit]