UNC Students Were Scalping Copies of the Daily Tar Heel’s Dean Smith Commemorative Issue (Video)

scalpers sell daily tar heel dean smith issue

The late great Dean Smith was a big deal at the University of North Carolina. So it should come as no surprise that students were eager to get their hands on the Daily Tar Heel‘s Dean Smith commemorative issue in the wake of the former basketball coach’s passing on Saturday.

However, it turns out that students weren’t just eager for the issue. They were ravenous. The student editors usually print 15,000 copies, but on Sunday night they decided to print an extra 1,000. By 10 a.m. Monday morning, every one of them was gone, and people were scalping copies—which are usually free—in the street. So the editors went back and printed an additional 7,500 copies and personally handed them out one per student.

As you can see, there was a rush on those, too.

I’m sure the paper itself is a lovely tribute to Dean Smith. But the fact that students are lining up to get their copy is an even greater tribute.

Smith retried in 1997 as the winningest basketball coach in NCAA history, with 879 wins and a .776 winning percentage. More importantly, he also helped end segregation by recruiting black players, and his players had a 96.6% graduation rate.

Even Michael Jordan, who left UNC after his junior year in 1984, returned to finish his degree in 1986.

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