Virginia Dance Cam Features Freaky Girl With Killer Dance Moves (Video)

Virginia Dance Cam freaky chick

The Virginia Cavaliers men’s basketball team are 21-1 this season in a very difficult ACC.  They are currently ranked No. 2 in the AP Top 25 Poll, and No. 3 in the USA Today Coaches Poll, so the statement I’m about to make may seem awfully bold, but I’m going to make it anyway: The Virginia Dance Cam is the most entertaining part of a Virginia Cavaliers basketball game.

That’s not to suggest that Cavaliers games are boring.  Rather, it’s just my way of pointing out how awesome the Virginia Dance Cam really is.  Want to see what I’m talking about? Check out this video of Virginia’s top three plays of the week.  The dance-off between some creepy chick and a dude doing the robot comes in at No. 3, but one look at the clip and you’ll all agree that it should have been No. 1 on this list:

How did the freaky girl with the b*tch face and the killer moves lose that battle?!?!?!?

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