Winning Team Dances While Losing Team Holds the Ball (Video)

winning team dances

I don’t know much about the Mt. Pisgah basketball team, or their opponent, St. Francis. However I do very much enjoy watching as the winning team dances (that would be St. Francis) while the losing team inexplicably holds on to the ball for most of the game without putting up a shot. It’s easy to be called a poor sport when you run up the score in a blowout, but I think it’s just as fitting to call the Mt. Pisgah team bad sports for not even trying.

Here’s the clip:

Pretty weak, guys. You deserved to get served as the winning team dances.

Honestly, the behavior of Mt. Pisgah is far more embarrassing by itself than it is with the help of the dancing St. Francis students. Mt. Pisgah lost by 25 when it was all said and done.

Fortunately, the bored crowd was able to enjoy the dancing as the time ran down.

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