Nekkid Pictures of WWE Star Seth Rollins and NXT Diva Zahra Schreiber Hit the Web (Pics)

leighla schultz seth rollins zahra shcreiber

On Monday night, somebody posted nude photos of NXT diva Zahra Schreiber on the Instagram account of WWE star Seth Rollins.

Not long after that, Leighla Schultz, Rollins’s fiancée, posted nude photos him on her Twitter account.

Take a look:

zahra schreiber nude
seth rollins nude
So what the hell was that all about? Well, right away some observers assumed that Rollins’s Instagram got hacked, working under the logical assumption that a man who is engaged to be married would not post naked photos of a woman who is not his fiancée on the internet. However, there are other, more likely possibilities.

You see, the photos didn’t just appear on his Instagram. They also got posted to Twitter and Facebook. Now, it could be that Rollins uses the same password for all three accounts, in which case if someone successfully hacked one they could simply have accessed the other two. But it’s also possible that Rollins’s fiancée snooped around on his phone, discovered that her man was having an affair, and decided to expose the guilty parties.

We know for a fact that she caught him cheating, because she posted the pics of Rollins’s dong. And when someone on Twitter suggested maybe Rollins wasn’t hacked, she said this:

leighla schultz seth rolling fiancee twitter
That doesn’t just sound like an admission. That sounds like bragging.

Then there’s the official statement from Rollins:

seth rollings zahra schreiber nude photo scandal twitter apology
Rollins says the private photos were disseminated without his consent, but he does NOT say he was hacked.

So yeah, I say the fiancée did it.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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