Allison Stokke Gives Us a First-Person Pole Vault with a GoPro (Video)

Allison Stokke

In case you were wondering what it was like to soar through the air while pole vaulting, but didn’t want to die when you messed it up, Allison Stokke has you covered. She teamed up with GoPro to let regular folk know just how insane pole vaulting really is.

I’ll admit, it looks fun. Well, it looks fun if you can do it well. If they strapped a GoPro to a pole or helmet as a regular person tried this, I think the footage would consist of broken backs and some pretty horrific impalings.

So let’s be glad she’s a pro. And she’s easy on the eyes, too, in case you didn’t know what a beautiful woman looked like.

Just watch the clip:

Yup. Allison Stokke is a pretty good person to demonstrate this. Better than, say, Bruce Jenner, or Dan and Dave from those old Reebok commercials.

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