John Calipari Gets Photobombed by the Player He’s Criticizing (Video)

John Calipari

John Calipari got an unexpected visit during an interview by the very player he was criticizing at that exact time, Karl-Anthony Towns.

Towns got a technical for pulling himself up by the basket, and that tech almost cost Kentucky their game against LSU. Not quite – the Wildcats are still undefeated – but close. They won 71-69.

Anyway, I guess Town’s ears were burning when John Calipari was calling him out, because, just like Candyman, Towns appeared behind the unlucky soul and gave the camera one of those Chris Bosh stares.

Here’s the video. He’s not hard to spot:

I wonder if he’s going to get in trouble for this. At the very least, he should get in trouble for getting hit with a technical in such a hotly-contested game. Save the photobombs for the good times, Karl, or John Calipari will scold you.

In the pantheon of photobombs, this might not be at the top, but I do have to wonder if he came over knowing that he was being discussed, or if Towns just has that uncanny sense of timing that served as a beacon.

Regardless, big win for Kentucky.