Reminds Us That James Dolan Isn’t Doing a Good Job

James Dolan made some headlines over the past few days when he responded to a critical letter by being a jerk. Apparently that was just enough needed for the creation of The site is a satirical commentary on the crappy job that James Dolan has been doing in steering his team since buying it over a decade ago.

The guy behind this site, Jason Koeppel (the same dude who made, is also seeking $20K to buy a billboard outside the stadium that will also demonstrate the mounting displeasure with Dolan’s tenure. Nothing like a well-placed billboard to get you taken seriously. Just ask these guys

So direct your Internet traffic to, but, for the love of God, don’t close this web page. Open a new tab.

And in the future, let’s wait until you’re at least mathematically eliminated from the playoffs before starting this crap. I mean, at 10-41, the Knicks have to be like 5th in the East, right?

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