88-Year-Old Man Charges the Mound at Colorado Rockies Fantasy Camp (Video)

Lew Dunlap charge mound - Colorado Rockies Fantasy Camp

This is one of those things that you simply have to see to believe.

It’s amazing enough that 88-year-old Lew Dunlap was able to make it out to the Colorado Rockies Fantasy Camp to hit some balls, field some grounders, and run some bases.  But that’s not all Lew can do.  Lew can also charge the mound if you pitch him too close inside.

After taking a pitch that he felt was a little too close to his head during a game, cameras caught Lew taking a couple of fierce steps towards the mound.  Thankfully, the catcher was able to stop Lew before he could get his hands on the pitcher, put him in a headlock, and deliver some swift uppercuts to his face, a la Nolan Ryan.

In the end, everyone got a good laugh out of Lew’s tenacity.  You can watch the 88-year-old do his thing on the diamond in the video below:

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