The NBA’s All-Star Weekend Will Feature an Official NBA Fashion Show

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This year’s NBA All-Star Weekend will feature something never before seen in the world of sports: an official NBA fashion show.

This might sound like a ridiculous idea to some people. But from a cultural and marketing standpoint it makes perfect sense. No other pro sports league in the world has had the impact on global fashion over the last three decades that the NBA has had. Soccer may be the world’s most popular sport, but you don’t see kids walking down the street in soccer cleats. And while New Era baseball caps are extremely popular, you don’t see anybody camping outside a Foot Locker overnight to get the latest special edition Yankees cap.

Then there are the players themselves. The other major sports each have a handful of fashion icons. (Well, not baseball.) But every NBA team has one or two. And during the playoffs, with everybody paying more attention to player arrivals and post-game press conferences, each game is like a mini fashion show.

Why shouldn’t the league embrace and encourage this? It’s good for business.

The first ever “All-Star All-Fashion” NBA fashion show will feature players competing in three rounds: dressing for the boardroom, a night out, and attire worn to the game. Eight players will participate.

Right now, according to the league’s official press release, James Harden, Klay Thompson, and DeMarcus Cousins are the only confirmed participants. However, you’d have to assume they’ll also get Russell Westbrook, Dwyane Wade, or both. And don’t be surprised if LeBron James gets involved, either. His production company, Springhill Production Company, is producing the event.

The one-hour show will take place on Friday night and air Saturday at 6:30 EST on TNT.

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