This Pop-a-Shot Player Is a Free Throw Machine Disguised in Khaki (Video)


It’s pretty clear that being good at pop-a-shot—you know, that arcade game where you shoot free throws as fast as possible—has little to do with being good at actually playing the game of basketball, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive.

Of these three Chinese dudes, you don’t expect the one dressed in the dad costume on the left to be the alpha dog. But he is. By a long shot. And the other guys are, from what I can tell, excellent, but Left Dude (we’re going to start doing that since Left Shark came about) is OTHERWORLDLY.

Just watch. It’s hypnotic:

At the end, he just starts banking balls off the adjacent alley, like he’s over it all. AND HE MAKES THOSE, TOO.

I don’t know how to turn this skill set into money, but this guy should find a way, because he’s the best.

I half expect him to turn around and reveal that he’s actually Mark Price in a wig.

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