Colts Fan David Letterman Confronts Bill Belichick Over Deflategate (Video)

Colts Fan David Letterman Confronts Bill Belichick Over Deflategate (Video)

David Letterman confronts Bill Belichick about deflategate? That’s not just funny late night television. That sounds like Roger Goodell‘s idea of justice. As far as he’s concerned, after last night’s episode of the Late Show, the investigation into Tom Brady’s balls is now closed.

Of course Dave, the Indianapolis Colts’ most famous fan, did not get any new info out of Belichick. When pressed, the Patriots coach doubled down on his already-disproven pseudo-scientific theory about air temperature. But the segment was still entertaining. I mean, Belichick was wearing a suit. And he smiled.

Actually, the smiling was pretty creepy. Take a look:

Yep, that was humorously uncomfortable.

Unfortunately for Belichick, the most loathed man in football, he completely whiffed on his golden opportunity to erase a decade of distrust and redeem himself. When Dave asked him point blank who started the deflategate scandal at the 1:27 mark, if Bill had just said “I’m just here so I won’t get fined,” the internet would have absolutely lost it’s sh*t.

Instead, it’s just another opportunity missed for Belichick…just like those two times his Patriots played the New York Giants in the Super Bowl.

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