Let’s Discuss This Dwight Howard Crotch Grab, Shall We? (Video)

Dwight Howard crotch grab

You probably see, “Dwight Howard crotch grab,” and think to yourself, “Oh, another athlete grabbed his crotch in a garish display.”


Dwight Howard grabbed a teammate’s crotch for no particular reason as he was taking a seat following a sideline interview. And you can play devil’s advocate all you like, but there’s no way that wasn’t intentional. That’s like a prison move, right there. To establish dominance, of course.

The unlucky (lucky?) player on the receiving end of the gentle, yet firm crotch grab was Isaiah Canaan, who probably knew there was no recourse, which explains the distant, troubled look on his face immediately after it happened.

Let’s go to the tape and watch this awful incident unfold:

I love pro sports. It’s the only job in the world where you can dole out a crotch grab in front of millions, and get no repercussions whatsoever. Ok, so there’s a couple other jobs where you can do that, but none of those other gigs pay as well as pro sports.

So next time you see “Dwight Howard crotch grab” or any variation of those words in a headline, you’ll have different expectations than you did this time.

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