Georgia Coach Mark Fox’s Voice is Horrifying (Video)

Georgia coach Mark Fox loses voice

Georgia head coach Mark Fox was not feeling 100 percent during last night’s game at Texas A&M, but he trooped it out and kept it together long enough to watch his Bulldogs earn the 62-53 victory.  It was a great effort from Fox and his players in hostile territory, but the coach probably should have quit while he was ahead, rather than attempt to take part in the post-game interview to talk about his team’s win.

Fox is a trooper, though, so he tried to make it through the post-game interview as well.  And let’s just say it didn’t go as smoothly as the game itself.

Check it out:

Mark Fox probably should have passed on the post-game interview, but I sure am glad he didn’t.

Hat Tip to The Dude for the find.

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