Kanye West Grammy Fallout: Compares Beyonce to Marshawn Lynch

Kanye West Grammy

After the second in what I’m sure we all hope is an annual Kanye West Grammy disruption, the Jackass of Pop went on On Air with Ryan Seacrest to clarify some things. And, of course, he didn’t make anything clearer. But he did remind us that the mind of Kanye West is a dangerous, confusing place when he compared Beyonce to Seahawks running back and noted quirkbag, Marshawn Lynch.

Here’s what Kanye said to Seacrest:

“The Grammys are artists’ Super Bowl, and somebody’s gotta be mad that Marshawn didn’t get the ball.” 

And there you have it, folks. Someone’s gotta be mad about something, and in typical fashion, Kanye is selflessly willing to abandon all decorum and manners to be that person. God bless him. Poor, down-on-her-luck Beyonce needs a champion right now. The Kanye West Grammy stage rushes were just part one. This was part two. Part three will blow your mind.

And apparently Beyonce needs someone to remind her that she’s a stocky dude with dreadlocks.

Enter Kanye West.

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