Police Use Taser on a Deer that Was Stuck in Its Dead Rival’s Antlers (Video)

police use taser on a deer

I’m gonna level with you here. That’s one of the weirder headlines I’ve had to write in a while. Police use taser on a deer? Stuck in dead rival’s antlers? If that made you say WTF, I don’t blame you.

Nevertheless, it actually happened in the Minneapolis suburb of Shorewood, Minnesota on Sunday. Some residents woke up to see a couple of white-tailed bucks fighting in the woods behind their property. During the altercation, their antlers got tangled and stuck together, and as a result one of them had it’s neck snapped. Afterward, the badass neck-snapping assassin deer couldn’t get its antlers unstuck from those of its vanquished rival. So it was just out there, flopping around for an hour.

That’s when residents called the authorities. And after observing the situation, officers Ricky Syhre and John Wareham of the South Lake Minnetonka Police Department had a bright idea: zap the dear with a taser, knock it out for a few seconds, and then run in there with a battery-powered reciprocating saw and chop off the part of its antler that’s stuck.

Sounds kind of crazy. But it worked.

Take a look:

While it’s kind of weird to watch guys work so hard to save an animal somebody’s just going to go out and shoot anyway, that was still pretty awesome.

Nice going, officers.

Hat Tip – [CBS Minnesota]

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