9 Sports Fights That Would Be Better Than Karl Malone vs. Kobe Bryant

karl malone vs. kobe bryant

Yesterday morning, the Internet was abuzz from a Huffington Post interview which informed us that Karl Malone vs. Kobe Bryant is a fight that could be in the cards. While it’s been almost a decade since anyone gave much consideration to Karl Malone, he still sounds like he’s been thinking a lot about Kobe Bryant. Namely, how he wants to beat Kobe Bryant’s ass. This all started in 2004 when Kobe accused Karl Malone of making a pass at Vanessa Bryant, which is pretty funny considering what Kobe did about a year later. The Mailman said in the video interview that he would be willing to “knuckle up” with Kobe, which is also the best euphemism for fighting that I’ve ever heard. Karl Malone vs. Kobe Bryant likely won’t be coming to a PPV channel near you any time soon, but it does get us thinking…


Inquisitive little thing there, aren’t you? It turns out we have our top 9 right here. We would pay good money to see these matchups find a home in Vegas. Pacquiao-Mayweather money, honestly. Sure, the quality of the fights wouldn’t be great, but it would be wildly more entertaining to watch name, non-fighting athletes throw down to satisfy our own bloodlust.

Oh, and I put a live bear on here because I wanted to see one of the entrants fight a large bear.

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