Bob Huggins Would Like to Know Who the Hell Took a Leak on His House (Pic)

bob huggins

If you happen to live in the vicinity of Morgantown, West Virginia, West Virginia Moutaineers basketball coach Bob Huggins has a question for you: Do you by any chance know the identity of the man who wandered onto his property and took a piss on the side of his house on Wednesday night?

You can understand why Huggins would be frustrated. Urinating on somebody’s house is not cool. And Huggins probably thought that the gate on his property plus the fancy video surveillance system paid for by his $3 million yearly salary would keep his house safe from such indignities. But as Huggins so astutely pointed out with his Twitter hashtag, no one is safe.

Check it:

So is the lone pisser a disgruntled Pitt fan who found out where Huggins lives and took the “Backyard Brawl” a little too far? Or was he just a drunk and disoriented neighbor?

Only time will tell.

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead]

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