Charles Barkley Curses on Live TV, Defiling Innocent Ears of America’s Youth (Video)

charles barkley cursed

You’re not going to believe this, everybody, but last night Charles Barkley said something stupid on television.

I know, I know. Shocking. But it’s true.

The Inside the NBA panel was discussing the Sacramento Kings’ search for a new head coach on Thursday night. When reporter David Aldridge explained that the higher ups in the organization were keeping franchise cornerstone DeMarcus Cousins in the loop on the process, Barkley was outraged. Cousins, he insisted, had not done enough in his young career to merit such “power.” Sir Charles even started to say he was disgusted with that “bullshit,” but caught himself, saying he “almost went over the line.”

However, after Aldridge reiterated that Cousins was not given an actual say in the process, Barkley could not help himself. So he very deliberately said it was “bullshit.”

Take a look:

Oh Charles. How could you. Think of the children.

Of course, that wasn’t the end of the inappropriate language. For some reason, Inside the NBA producers decided to close the show by letting DJ Shaq spin some records without pre-approving the track list.

The result was a lot more bad words:

Yep, that was not their best night. Luckily Friday’s NBA fashion show won’t air on TNT until Saturday, so there will be plenty of time to edit things out.

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