Note to Hockey Sticks: If You Make Jonathan Quick Angry, He Will Break You (Video)

jonathan quick angry

It’s been a rough season for the Los Angeles Kings. The defending Stanley Cup champs have been mediocre bordering on bad, riding into last night’s game against the Flames with a 23-18-12 record, five points out of the last Western Conference playoff spot. Highly paid team leader Mike Richards has been demoted to the minor leagues. Meanwhile, Jonathan Quick has looked downright ordinary in goal, allowing 2.53 goals against per game, good for 23rd in the league among qualified goalies.

Luckily, on Thursday night, Quick finally discovered the source of his problems. IT WAS HIS STICK’S FAULT!

Quick made the important discovery after giving up what he deemed to be a soft goal against the Flames. Then, upon making the discovery, he made his stick pay.

Check it out:

Note to goalie sticks: insubordination will not be tolerated. If you make Jonathan Quick angry, he will break you, especially now that he knows how effective a display of Machiavellian vengeance can be.

You see, the Kings wound up winning the game 5-2. Now they’re just three points back of Calgary for the last playoff spot.

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