Michael Strahan Challenges Shaq to a Karaoke Battle (Video)

Michael Strahan

If you’re a fan of Michael Strahan, Shaquille O’Neal, or terrible karaoke, you won’t want to miss this video. Live with Kelly and Michael invited Shaq on their show to perform some ditty’s for the audience. He did, and while it was plenty fun to watch, if you assumed that Shaq wasn’t a good karaoke artist, you were right. But what he lacks in talent, he more than makes up for in enthusiasm, ass-slapping, and wigs.

Also, he steers clear of hip-hop, opting for the more timeless Bill Withers hit, “Lovely Day.”

Here’s Shaq singing it:

And here’s the original singer performing it. See if you can spot the differences:

Meanwhile, we’ve got Kelly officiating, which seems like a bit of a conflict of interest, until you recall that this is a karaoke competition between Shaquille O’Neal and Michael Strahan. ┬áThen you realize that “interest” isn’t a word I would really want to toss around.

Oh, and then Snoop Dogg came out at the end and rapped. That’s not me burying the lede. ┬áThat’s me rewarding you for reading this far.

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