Miss Finland Uses Her Gorgeous Looks to Bluff a Poker Pro (Video)

Miss Finland bluffs Poker Pro on Shark Cage

Miss Finland, Sara Chafak, is a professional when it comes to walking around in a swimsuit and looking gorgeous in an evening dress. She is not a professional at poker, although, she may want to consider looking into the possibilities of becoming one.

You see, Miss Finland recently sat down with some poker pros to take part in the PokerStars show, “Shark Cage.”  And while she knew all too well that she’d be no match for her counterparts when it comes to pure poker skills and knowledge, she did realize that she had one advantage over the rest of the table—that would be her looks.

Chafak used those good looks rather effectively on one hand, bluffing poker pro Ronnie Bardah out of trip-fours and sending him to the shark cage with absolutely diddly squat.  Check it out:

For those who were wondering, Miss Finland would go on to finish second at the table, losing her head-to-head battle with another lovely looking lady, Kara Scott.

Hat Tip – [BroBible]

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