NBA All-Stars Gang Up To Get Revenge on Jimmy Fallon (Video)

nba all-stars

Jimmy Fallon has been on a bit of a tear for the past year, especially in the world of sports. He’s mocked golfers, hosted Super Bowl shows, and he even took the NBA All-Stars to task by dropping his trademark skit of yearbook superlatives on them. The results, as usual, weren’t very flattering. But they were plenty funny.

Here’s the original skit Fallon used to send up this year’s NBA All-Stars on Wednesday:

And here’s the players’ response from last night’s show:

I know it’s all staged and fun, but it would have been pretty great to see an angry mob of NBA players storm the studio unannounced and just kidnap Fallon, or start beating him on-air. But this is pretty funny too. And after all, who could ever hurt Jimmy Fallon? That’s like hurting a puppy!

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