Watch the Odell Beckham Jr Catch in Flipbook Form (Video)

odell beckham jr catch flipbook

When I first saw that Odell Beckham Jr catch, I was absolutely blown away. It absolutely defied the laws of physics, and surely was one of the three or four greatest catches in NFL history—if not the greatest.

However, over the weeks that followed, the more I thought about it, the less impressive it seemed. I read an article about the gloves that NFL receivers wear and how technologically impressive they are. And I thought how can we possibly compare a catch made by somebody wearing these gloves to catches made twenty or thirty years ago? That’s like comparing the serves of tennis players today to the serves of tennis players using those little wooden rackets, or the drive of golfers today to the drive of golfers whose woods were actually made of wood.

But then Jerry Rice, greatest wide receiver of all time, was like oh yeah, I used stickum all the time. Stickem! Suddenly, I was back on the Odell Beckham Jr catch bandwagon. If Jerry Rice used stickum, OBJ can have his fancy gloves. Maybe that catch was the greatest of all time.

In any case, I bring all this up because somebody created a flipbook of the Odell Beckham Jr catch, the Giants put a video of it on Instagram, and it is pretty awesome.

Check it out:

A video posted by New York Giants (@nygiants) on

I’d like to tell you who made this flipbook, but I don’t know. For some reason, while the Giants have created an entire webpage devoted to Beckham and his catch, they did not credit the artist of the flipbook. Nice.

Hat Tip – [The Score]

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