MMA Fighter Uses Street Fighter Hadouken Before Beating Opponent (Video)

MMA Street Fighter Hadouken

Street Fighter’s classic ‘Hadouken’ maneuver, available with either Ryu or Ken, was always one of the video game’s most effective moves.  You wouldn’t think it could be as effective in a real-life MMA fight, but Shane Campbell is here to prove you wrong.

Thursday night, during a bout against Derek Boyle at World Series of Fighting 18 in Edmonton, Alberta, Campbell appeared to stun his opponent in the third round with a Street Fighter Hadouken, before pummeling him with haymakers until the referee finally stepped in and called the fight.

Check it out:

Okay, so in reality, it was a body kick that stunned Boyle and dropped him to his knees. Not a Hadouken.  But who cares?  That was still pretty awesome.

Hat Tip to The Dude for the Find, via Bleacher Report.


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