This Turkish Soccer Fan Sucks at Smuggling Beer into Stadiums (Video)

turkish soccer fan

If you’re in the market for a new hero, may I suggest this Turkish soccer fan? I thought I was like the Danny Ocean of booze-smuggling when I snuck 8 airline bottles into a music festival. This guy puts that effort to shame. I mean, he’s gotta be carrying at least 20 beers on him. Bottles, nonetheless.

I’m sure it was a red flag when he strolls in dressed for a Moscow winter while everyone else is rocking short sleeve jerseys.

Oh, and bonus points for the camouflage beer vest? Why yes, I think I will toss this Turkish soccer fan some bonus points for that. That’s a level-six NASCAR smuggling move right there.

Compound this all with┬áthe fact that he’s in a semi-Islamic nation, and the stakes are much higher than anything we could expect over on this side of the world.

Oh yeah, here’s the video so you know what I’m talking about:

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