Delanie Walker’s Fiancee Catches Him Cheating, Outs Him on Instagram

Here’s one couple who didn’t have themselves a very loving Valentine’s Day.

It started Saturday evening with a text from Delanie Walker‘s Instagram account.  Only thing is it wasn’t Walker who was posting the image and accompanying text.  It was his pregnant fiancee, Racine.

Here’s the image:

Delanie Walker's fiancee Instagram cheating post

And here’s the accompanying text that was posted by Delanie Walker’s fiancee on the tight end’s Instagram account:

Delanie Walker's fiancee cheating Instagram text

After all of that, there were still some questions to be asked regarding this situation.  Sunday morning, they were answered by Walker’s fiancee, via her own Instagram account this time. The post has since been deleted, but it featured an image of Racine, along with the following caption:

Thank u to those who support me. What I did was out of my character, but I guess after so long a woman really does get fed up. For all of you saying its my fault I stayed for 10 years… your right, but easier said than done when you love someone. It was really the death of our baby boy back in 2010 that made me stay… Promises of another baby, gifts, family, marriage, lies…. All really enticing to a girl who is already broken. The difference between then and now is age, maturity.. I am much stronger these days. Yes, I was hella weak and easily manipulated back in the day. I don’t blame him entirely for being young, having money, and wanting his cake and eat it too.. But at this age, after 10 years, so many promises, and the start of a family I can no longer be weak. The last thing I want is our daughter to think it’s ok or normal to be disrespected by a man. So it stops now, before she is born, one way or another. If we didn’t love each other, we wouldn’t have made it this far.. But love without trust, loyalty, or respect was bound to crumble. I made the move all the way to TN for him.. To love and support him like I always have. I told him all I want is trust loyalty and respect for one year.. If he could do that then I would marry him. But he failed, and I’m disgusted at this point. I want my daughter to have a father.. I want what every woman wants… Family, stability, trust. Lord knows..

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Hat Tip – [Uproxx]

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