Gronk Lap Dances on Reporter at NBA All-Star Weekend (Video)

Gronk Lap Dances Reporter

If you thought there was a chance you wouldn’t find Rob Gronkowski in Manhattan during NBA All-Star Weekend, then you, my friend, just don’t know Gronk.  He was there with bells on. Don’t believe me? Watch below as Gronk lap dances on “reporter” Ashlee Ray. I put reporter in quotes because she’s a reporter the way most reality stars are “celebrities.”

Getting back to our friend Gronk, this is all very fun to watch, but he’s blazed quite a trail of partying in just two short weeks. At what point do the Pats and Pats fans start to worry about Gronk’s non-stop off-season partying?  I think he’s got a pass until at least mid-March. After that, he should be cranking out selfies in the gym to put everyone’s mind to rest.

Here’s the video of Gronk and his gigantic ass finding a home on Ashlee Ray:

Cue the New York Post headline with some sort of terrible “tight end” pun on it.

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