Mo’ne Davis Beats Kevin Hart With a Sweet Spin Move (Video)

Mo'ne Davis beats Kevin Hart with spin move

Kevin Hart may have been the MVP of the 2015 NBA Celebrity All-Star Game, but he was on the wrong end of the game’s most memorable highlight.

That highlight we speak of came with just under six minutes remaining in the first half, as Mo’ne Davis, the 13-year-old Little League World Series sensation, put Hart in a spin cycle while driving to the hoop for the two-point layup.

You can watch as Mo’ne Davis beats Kevin Hart with her fancy spin move in the¬†following Vine:

That was just one of the many highlights to come from this intense one-on-one battle between Davis and Hart. ¬†In the end, Davis’ team would win the game, 57-51, but Hart still earned MVP honors with his 15 points in 29 minutes of action.

For all of the highlights from this marquee match-up between Mo’ne Davis and Kevin Hart, watch the video below:

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