Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis Do Valentine’s Day Cupid Shuffle (Video)

Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis

Regardless of what you did this Valentine’s Day weekend, it’s doubtful that you had as good a time as Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis. I’m basing this not just on the fact that they’re Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis, but on a video taken at Players Tribune Launch party during the NBA All-Star Weekend, showing Jeter and his girlfriend doing a decent Cupid Shuffle.

The video shows that Jeter is almost as good on the dance floor as he was on the baseball diamond, and that he’s evidently all set to enjoy his new life of leisure. All that’s left for the rest of us to do is to try to get on his level, if we can (we probably can’t).

You can watch Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis doing the Cupiid Shuffle for yourself below. But a quick disclaimer: The video’s not the best, so you’ll have to watch closely if you want to see the magic happen. And for more on what Derek Jeter’s been up to since leaving the Yankees, take a look at his official site here.

Here’s the video:


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