Dirk Nowitzki Alley-Oop Was the Highlight of the NBA All-Star Game (Video)

Dirk Nowitzki alley-oop

This Dirk Nowitzki alley-oop, as delivered by Steph Curry, no less, was a pretty important play. And not because it resulted in two points for the West. Dirk wasn’t supposed to be at the All-Star game. A consumate professional, he was enjoying having been looked over so he could rest for seven days in during to get back to form. He’s no spring chicken any more.

But when he was called in as a sub at the 11th hour, he accepted his fate and took to Manhattan.

Then, upon completing the play, he looked genuinely excited. Sure, the “pointing at the sky” thing could have been a joke, but more likely, it was sincere.

Take a look from a billion different angles:

It wasn’t the flashiest play, but the Dirk Nowitzki alley-oop did show a glimpse of greatness, which I think Dirk and the world needed to see to know that while he might not be putting up gaudy numbers, he can still lead the Mavs to a playoff run.

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