Floyd Mayweather Says He Hasn’t ‘Signed Anything’ For Pacqiao Fight (Video)

Floyd Mayweather

While momentum looks to be swinging towards a Floyd MayweatherManny Pacquiao fight, when Floyd Mayweather was interviewed at last night’s NBA All-Star game, he said, “I haven’t signed anything, neither has Pacquiao.” Well, then. Whether or not this remains a formality or is a bigger obstacle than first assumed is anyone’s guess. Reports have come in that the fighters have agreed to a $250 million bout, but it sounds like that’s not finalized yet.

In fact, the full quote is, “That’s not true. I haven’t signed yet and he hasn’t signed yet. It’s just been speculations and rumors. But hopefully we can make the fight happen.” Ugh. What’s most obnoxious about this statement isn’t the uncertainty it conveys, but rather that it’s likely Mayweather playing coy because boxing promotion is essentially just shoveling horsesh*t these days. 

Before going any further, here are Floyd Mayweather’s comments:

The two have been so flaky in the past about this fight that even when we broke the news, we felt it was necessary to punctuate it with a question mark.

In fact, it seems like if it wasn’t for NBA games, the ball wouldn’t even be rolling on this.

It sounds like a fight is imminent, but when a fighter goes out of their way to say they haven’t signed a contract, it’s likely that they aren’t above weaseling out for a bigger payday or some other reason.  It’s pretty insane to think $250 million could be considered “not enough” by two athletes for a couple hours of their time.  But, again, that’s entered the realm of possibility in boxing these days.

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