Jameis Winston Has the Body of Tracy Morgan in this Workout Photo (Pic)

Jameis Winston

This Jameis Winston photo has been making the rounds recently, calling into question whether or not the Heisman-winning Florida State QB is in good enough shape to earn the #1 pick. It’s a decent criticism, as looks a little doughy here. However, according to his QB coach, that can easily be explained.

First of all, this picture was taken in early-to-mid January, so it’s not like he’d been sitting around eating bon-bons. He’d been playing in the playoffs.

Secondly, George Whitfield, his trainer/coach, said that leash around his stomach was actually pretty tight, which would have given Adonis a muffin top.

But finally, Whitfield said for anyone who doesn’t think he’s in good shape, they can check him out this week at the NFL combine and see for themselves. That’s a big bluff to make, so it’s likely Jameis Winston is in good shape, and this thing just caught him in an unflattering angle.

Still, it’s pretty funny to see the purported best football player in America looking like a semi-retired garbageman during passing drills. There are a ton of questions about Winston’s maturity and leadership, so I think that him letting himself slide in gigantic fashion is entirely within the realm of possibility.

The “too many crab legs” jokes have already been made elsewhere, so don’t bother looking for them here.

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