Tom Hanks Plays “Coaches as Stepdads” on Letterman (Video)

Tom Hanks Does Coaches as Stepdads

If you think about it, Tom Hanks is basically America’s Stepdad. All of our moms love him, and when we’re being totally honest with ourselves, we’ll admit that we’re pretty OK with him too. And now the stepdad/Hanks connection is even stronger, thanks to a game he played on a recent Late Show with David Letterman appearance that he calls “Coaches as Stepdads.”

The game goes like this – whenever an NFL game is running low on the excitement factor, Tom Hanks and his “boys” (including, presumably, rap sensation Chet Haze) try to imagine what the coaches would be like as stepdads. In translating this game to the late night talk show format, NFL coaches Bill Belichick, Rex Ryan, and even former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson all get the stepdad treatment, and it’s pretty damn hilarious.

You can watch Tom Hanks play the “Coaches as Stepdads” game, much to the delight of David Letterman, in the video below. And you’ll probably be playing it yourself when football season starts up again.

Here’s the video:

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