This Zach LaVine-Vince Carter Dunk Mashup Is Reminiscent of the 80’s (Video)

Zach LaVine-VInce Carter dunk mashup

A lot is being made of Zach La-Vine’s dunk performance last weekend. While the dunk contest has carried on year after year after year, there hasn’t been much to talk about. It’s normally a bunch of unknown names taking thirty attempts to knock down a dunk that we’ve seen before.

But this Zach LaVine-Vince Carter dunk mashup done by the NBA shows us that we saw something special a couple nights ago. Vince Carter’s dunk performance was the high-water mark of the past 20 years or so. Did LaVine surpass him?

Maybe. Maybe not. But it sure was fun to watch. Take a look:

Did the dunk contest just get fun again? Yup. Well, for a year, anyway.

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