Alabama WR Amari Cooper Does Some Clap Pull-Ups for the Scouts (Video)

Amari Cooper

I don’t have a whole lot to say about Amari Cooper and his incredible clap-pull-ups, other than “they’re pretty impressive.” I’m guessing he saw some defensive backĀ from Auburn doing clap push-ups and decided that now was the time to outshine him.

If we want to get nit-picky (for the sake of filling the page, we do) he’s doing those cross-fit-type pull-ups that probably have some stupid name like “French Inclinators” or something, and definitely involve twisting and turning to get your body up. It’s more like swinging on a swingset than it is doing a pull-up.

However, Amari Cooper was able to finish without rupturing a hernia or knocking his chin on the bar, so I’m going to give him a huge thumbs up.

Here’s the video, finally:

If you judge me by yesterday’s results then that’s your first mistake, I’m always getting better… They think they know what I’m all about, but check the shirt. #NotThisVersion.. Shirt and phrase made by my trainer @tgreezy2

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This does a good job of predicting how many chin-ups he’ll be able to do on the field-goal posts after scoring touchdowns. We’ll fileĀ that under “intangibles.”

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