Australian TV Host Danny Clayton Tells Pro Surfer Kolohe Andino to “Stay the F**k Away” from His Girlfriend (Video)

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Danny Clayton is a VJ for Australian music video station Channel V. Kolohe Andino is a 20-year-old pro surfer from California. Unless you are an Australian female between the ages of 14 and 40 or a surfer, you’ve probably never heard of either of them.

However, that all changed over the weekend. Apparently Kohohe Andino has recently been texting Danny Clayton’s girlfriend, Australian model Zoe Cross. So when Channel V interviewed Andino after he won the Australian Open of Surfing on Sunday, Clayton took the opportunity to warn him—on live television—by telling him to “stay the f**k away from my girlfriend.”

Check it out:

Yep. Awkward.

Andino later denied that he had engaged in any inappropriate texting with Zoe Cross.

“When I first saw it I was pretty bummed,” he explained on Monday. “It really questioned my character and it was completely blown out of proportion, the text messages I was sending to his girlfriend. I don’t want people thinking I was raised wrong and thinking I was creeping out a girl. The part where he says I’m making her feel uncomfortable … I was pretty bummed, but I’m here to do a job and I did it and I’m happy with the weekend.”

As for Cross, despite Clayton’s claims that made it seem like he was just stepping up to protect her, it doesn’t actually seem like she was all that “creeped out” by the texts in the first place:

Maybe Danny Clayton was just feeling a little insecure.

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