Steph Curry Buys Shoes for Random Kids, Because Steph Curry Is an Awesome Dude (Pic)

steph curry

We knew Steph Curry was a damn good basketball player, but this year the Warriors point guard has taken his game to the next level. In the process, he’s helped the Golden State Warriors go from “pretty good” to “best team in the NBA.”

However, Curry is not just a great basketball player. He’s also a great person. We saw this on Saturday, when he heard that one of the Chapel Hill shooting victims was a huge fan and announced that he would write the kid’s name on his shoes for the 2015 All-Star Game:

And we saw Curry’s kindness again on Sunday, when he stopped by the Under Armour store in New York, saw a bunch of kids looking around, and bought them each a pair of his shoes:

By my count, that’s 11 pairs of Under Armour Curry Ones. So we’re talking about $1300 or so before tax.

Obviously, that’s pocket change for Curry, who’s making $9.8 million this year and will one day be making about three times that. What matters here is that Curry cared enough to take the time for these kids and make their day.

Like I said: awesome player, awesome person.

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