Let’s Look Back on the Hilariously Terrible Tom Brady Combine Tape (Video)

Tom Brady combine tape

If you were to look at this Tom Brady combine tape, you wouldn’t think that you were looking at a future Hall of Fame quarterback. You wouldn’t even think you were looking at a potential NFL quarterback. I’m not saying that solely based on his abilities as demonstrated, but also based on the production value of the Tom Brady combine tape. I mean, it’s terrible.

Rather than use graphics, they write his name on a poster board. Fun!

Here’s the tape. Wallow in its crapulence:

Is that rap metal? Did Tom steal Eli Manning’s image before Eli even had it?

He does look pretty good in that pocket, I suppose, but he looks positively ridiculous doing those shuttles.  And unless you’re running a sub 4.5 40-yard dash, you’re going to look really slow. So, yeah, Tom looked really slow.

I’m sure production values and athleticism have gone up in the past 16 years or so, but that’s no excuse for this terrible, awesome, no good, very bad combine video.

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