15 Year-Old Perfectly Mimics Victor Oladipo Dunk (Video)

Victor Oladipo dunk

It’s pretty impressive that a 15 year-old can mirror the Victor Oladipo dunk that we saw on Saturday’s wildly entertaining dunk contest. I mean, he gets every move right. There’s just one “problem”: The kid performing the dunk, Marvin Bagley from Arizona, is 6′ 10″ at age 15.

I guess that’s not really a problem for his draft prospects.  However, there’s something less-than-spectacular about watching hugely tall guys doing creative dunks. Dwight Howard pulled it off, but this kid looks like he’s on an 8-foot hoop. Not exactly jaw-dropping. Also, the Victor Oladipo dunk was “just” a 360-reverse dunk. Cool, but not exactly Dee Brown.

Ok. I’m being unduly harsh on a 15 year-old kid.

Watch the video:

I’d rather watch this kid play against various JV squads across the country. THAT would be fun. He’s already got scholarship offers from UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State, UConn, and Creighton. Not bad for a 15-year-old.

Hat Tip – [USA Today]

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