9 Things the A-Rod Apology Should Definitely Include

A-Rod apology

Early yesterday, a hand-written A-Rod apology made the rounds on news outlets and social media. It was directed to his fans (how Bohemian), and it apologized for…well, pretty much just for being A-Rod.

Now, while this A-Rod apology is definitely a step in the right direction, it was also pretty vague. I think what we really need is a full, comprehensive list of things for which Alex Rodriguez needs to apologize. A list that holds him accountable for his appearance, the women he’s dated, his personal life, and of course, those delightful PEDs that he rubbed, shot, swallowed, and crammed on his way to hanging a big ole’ asterisk next to his name in the record books.

The actual A-Rod apology touched on a couple of these, but in the interested of genuine atonement, we included several more on this list of things Alex Rodriguez should apologize for. Take a look.