Brennan Clay Arrested for Assaulting Estranged Wife

brennan clay mugshot

When former Oklahoma Sooners running back Brennan Clay publicly accused former teammate DeMarco Murray of sleeping with his wife last year, some people said it was classless to air that kind of dirty laundry on social media. However, if you believed the accusations were true, it was hard to judge him to harshly. Anybody whose ever gone through a similar situation knows how much it sucks.

Unfortunately, that was then. As of yesterday—when TMZ reported that Brennan Clay was arrested in Dallas on January 27 for beating the sh*t out of his estranged wife, Gina D’Agostini—Clay has officially lost the moral high ground.

According to the police report, D’Agostini told cops that Clay kicked down her door, threw her on the kitchen table, dragged her downstairs, and punched and choked her. When the police arrived, Clay was gone and D’Agostini’s leg was bleeding from several cuts. They later found Clay in a nearby alley and arrested him.

Obviously, Brennan Clay has yet to be convicted in a court of law, but this does not look good. Even if his wife was cheating on him—and there have been times when even he wasn’t convinced of that—domestic violence is absolutely inexcusable.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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