Frank Caliendo Reads Alex Rodriguez Apology Letter as—Who Else?—Morgan Freeman (Video)

A-Rod apology thumb

In the past year, we have heard comedian Frank Caliendo use his brilliant Morgan Freeman impression to do dramatic readings of LeBron James’s homecoming letter and Allen Iverson’s famous “practice” rant on ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike.

On Tuesday, he busted Morgan Freeman out yet again to do a reading of the infamous, ridiculous Alex Rodriguez apology letter.

Of course, this time Caliendo mixed things up again by switching voices midway through the performance, first to Jon Gruden, then to Chris Berman. But as always, it was the Freeman impression that killed.

Have a look—or rather, since Caliendo had to call in to give this performance, have a listen:

You would think this bit would have gotten old by now, but it really has not. In fact, I think Caliendo’s dramatic readings as Morgan Freeman will be funny as long as athletes and other sports figures continue to say dumb, asinine sh*t. And that Alex Rodriguez apology letter was definitely asinine.

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