Gronk Spikes Dolphins Hat, Dances Like Trained Monkey for TMZ Cameras (Video)

gronk spikes dolphins hat

You gotta love Rob Gronkowski. He’s like a drunk 6’6″, 265-pound 15-year-old boy. The guy has no inhibitions, and he can turn on the charm—if you want to call it that—at a moment’s notice.

Just look at this video TMZ shot in New York on Sunday. They found Gronk standing outside a restaurant with Patriots teammate Chandler Jones and WWE NXT wrestler Mojo Rawley, so the camera dude went and struck up a conversation. Gronk was more than happy to chat as soon as he realized it was TMZ. Topics covered included (a) Rob’s Valentine’s Day plans; (2) how he’s training Chander Jones to fight his brother, Jon “Bones” Jones; (3) his incredible dancing skills and whether he’ll ever compete on Dancing with the Stars; and (3) the cameraman’s Miami Dolphins hat…which Gronk spiked. Hence the “Gronk spikes Dolphins hat” thing in the title of this post.

Take a look:

I’m sure that probably pissed off a lot of Dolphins fans out there. But of course, I’m also sure Rob Gronkowski gives zero f**ks.

Love live Gronk.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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