Middle School Basketball Team Loses as Ball Sticks on Rim at Buzzer (Video)

Middle School Basketball Team

A middle school basketball team got to experience at a young age what “The Agony of Defeat” means as they lost a game by one point at the buzzer. That’s not the interesting part, though. The interesting part is that the game was lost as a layup sat on the rim forever and ever and ever, causing  a jump ball to be called after time expired, which means…no more game, they lose.

Here’s the video. Maybe if the driving player from the Rock Creek Mustangs (Kansas) had put a little more English on that shot, they wouldn’t have lost to perennial middle school basketball powerhouse Riley County:

Yup. There ya go.

I wonder if the kid who shot that is going to get harassed by his teammates or consoled because he came so close. Just kidding. It’s middle school. He’ll probably have to switch schools by the time this is all over.

Hat Tip – [Sporting News]